points to the scientific study of acute articular rheumatism.

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Sometimes a leaden bullet in passing through clothes will take

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all, produces a high degree of nerve pain transmission.

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writer upon the " Medical Topography of Pikis Peak Gold Region,"

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The present Royal Infirmary was opened on 29th October, 1879.

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When the law of 1880 passed into effect, there were many men

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tive. The urine gave a positive test for urobilinogen on the first entrance

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vessels which circulate the blood, and withdrawn from the sphere of

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dreds of our citizens to pass their nights on the banks of the glorious river, inhal-

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likewise two thirds nearly were adult males. The number, then,

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proaches, it is impossible to feel it. It varies from sixty to one hun-

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closing of the eyes. Incoordination is present in the legs, which

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turition, in regard to the relative dimensions of the pelvis compared

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proportions of 2.5 and 1.25 per cent, seems to have been neither

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that Dr. Emmet had claimed for the efficacy of this measure in

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will net the diggers some sixteen thousand dollars. We export ginseng _^^

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b cf. I). Marino, Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bull., 1907, 18, p. 359.

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most commonly it reaches, is probably the glottis, and

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the rib as you reach the lower border, so as not to wound the inter-

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ment of the bacilli in this thick clot, in the deeper parts of which we may

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with nephritis. It has been attributed to excess of nitrogenous food, to

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A further point made by Pineles is that tetany does not follow thyroid-

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feeling in pretty good health, until November 10th,

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after the patient is first seen — ^then, again, antitoxin should very

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members of the family, women as well as men, went out into a field ad-

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with the results in secondary anemias, A priori, one would assume

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then, giving no response to efforts to arouse him, but not insensible,

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have reported as many as a hundred cases, have expressed themselves with

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cently saw, in a case that presented uo spontaneous

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on Septamber 5th, 185 — , a judicial commission was ap-

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in protest against this too frequent sacrifice of ovaries ?

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wax, and found, that although none of the injection passed

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by Frankel. I enquired whether he was obtaining good results from

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If we possessed no methods for specific treatment or for instituting

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power of absorbing liquids, and of taking them up into its own sub-

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inconvenience to the patient, while catgut was perfectly

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According to Lydtin, 40 to 50 per cent of the horses exposed to