I lost a patient with delirium tremens, who had manifested few symp-
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percussion detect no abatement of the obstruction within the lungs, the
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incision. The treatment consists in shelling out the tumour.
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for preparing preserved lymph for use in the Southern Registration
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mon that an infant, with a pulse of 120 or 130, will have 40, 50, or
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On the first introduction of vaccination it was claimed, as it had been
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rience, and comparative trial of doctrines, which have been taught id
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the brain is congested, and there is often a great efl[usion of serum into
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Scarcity of Leeches.^A complaint has been repeatedly made, of late,
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Dear Sir, — I send you the subjoined list of cases which have been
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described (page 307) as due to corrosives. The fumes given off by nitric
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directions, for in this way the abscess may often be discovered and
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ulcerate, but the mucous membranes are only slightly affected. The bones
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the highest praise to bis preparation. They are neatly put up in oval paper boxes, contaiaiacturty-
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is to be distinguished from lupus by the fact that it occurs in older people,
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in removing or relieving obstinate constipation has recently been tested
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group graduated in strength, hacking being lightest, clapping stronger, and beat-
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optic atrophy frequently remain for long periods of time in the preataxic
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1. Rollings. — The forms of rolling used in heart diseases are foot-rolling, leg-
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vanlageous. Vhe house being most desirably located fur a residence, and the store being centrally
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subject for future remarks, when speaking of injuries of the bead. The
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the system in general, may be suitable both as a preparatory treatment to the
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{a) Hips-firm standing trunk-flexion forward. — The flexion is made in the hip-
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are progressively stronger, and are always given with resistance.
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growths in the skin, varying in size from peas to filberts, and also attack
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As, however, the tubercle bacillus bulks so largely in our consideration
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remain a large number of cases which refuse to range themselves under any
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sputum of non-tuberculous patients. Marzinowski found similar bacilli in
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Classification. — Tumours form three groups : —
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in the system to become more deteriorated, and thus add to the torpor
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near their surface ; it is also in this situation that we find those false
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Romeyn Beck, M.D., the distinguished author of the Dements of
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when employed in femoral hernia, they are necessarily liable to displace-