In right anterior lobe there was an old clot; also a recent extravasation.

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a very low frequency of recurrence for the whole year, namely, 21.7

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due partly to a stretching of the parietal attachments of the

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duction of disease has, on the other hand, only within

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Case IV. — Showing contour of lip and nostrils twenty-five months after first

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and the disease was permitted to become firmly established before its

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efforts to prevent it. As the old saying is, " Nature is ever busy

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that it would, in a little time, return to its former strength; but,

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sometimes, though not often, advisable to give such drugs as

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bulk of the work consists of Part II, which embraces "The Forms, Types, and Kinds of

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ous precipitate in the subcapsular space (Experiment 4).

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whether in the northern regions of Canada or the warmer climates

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in the Medical Officer of Health of the municipality.

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of the hands of a clock until the first sound is no longer heard.