in the first case, and the post-mortem made five months after operation showed
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Pratt was employed. Three equal-sized drops of blood were
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Examining board: President. Division Signal Officer; Capt. William J.
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Is this doctrine substantiated by incontrovertible facts ? If
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Mr. Paget proceeded to operate by making an incision
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greater portion of the alcohol imbibed is excreted by the lungs, skin,
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are found to be two varieties : one a non-ulcerative or
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There are two ideas about the formation of the mucous
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of the position I then took, coming from one of its most pronounced
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reduction of the urine and from the effusions of fluid into the cavities of
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is generally regarded as a ' scrofulous ' disease ; and it not unfreqnently
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A node removed four years ago at Belle vue Hospital, N. Y., for
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twice seen myopic children under tlie school age. It is rare
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it has been said that a pint of milk is equal to a mutton-chop, and
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The jaws were clenclied ; but he swallowed water with-
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August). I have ascertained since his recovery that he passed a night on a
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firmly glued. In these adhesions some greenish lymph may be found ; but
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adjectives because the expressions sharp or increased vesicular breathing
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The British Malical journal has opened a confeBaioual,
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which they could not advance as they do. Physiology, aided by experinaent,
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into granules. These corpuscles are often, also, of a reddish colour ;
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str.]: Cenlialbl. f. Bakteriol. [etc.], 1. Abt.. Jena. 1897,
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a space extending from rather less than a inch below the
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held, however, that the nurse was an agent of the hospital,
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Calcii Carbonas Pr^cipitatus. Precipitated Calcium Car-
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urinary irritation subsided, and she was delivered, at the full time, of a
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The supratrochlear nerve lies parallel with the supra-orbital nerve, but about a