The details germane to these methods of treatment in each instance need

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ushered in by convulsions, and accompanied by a rise of temperature, and

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bowels to act. Cod-liver oil is of undoubted service, especially in the form

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examination of the fluid withdrawn by an exploring needle will settle

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man and in animals, by the administration of phloridzin by mouth or

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practice of carrying on medical treatment until the baby is nearly dead

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characterize the medical course, or with the particular ones

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and often starts at a number of separate foci in the interior of the tumour.

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donor is then added a small drop of the patient's blood, and to the serum

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ter runs through his noftrils ; to remedy which, he

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fatty infiltration, and cirrhosis are occasionally found. Multiple abscesses

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'■ I'll only delay you a minute," as taking a paper from his

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granular pharyngitis. In the last case the stress of the inflammation is

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and form small abscesses and cavities. Such abscesses may undermine and

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and since we may consider the present as a test case, not only of the islet

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state of the retina, for, on ophthalmoscopic examination, the disc and retina

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Ontario, the Premier of the Province, and the Chancellor of the Uni-

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pericarditis, the sweats, the ansemia, and the tendency to relapse. The

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vomit for alcohol. As alcohol is eliminated by the kidneys, Anstie taught

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disclosed, but their symptoms do not parallel those of Addison's disease.

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be avoided at all times by gouty patients, owing to the tendency they have

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districts in Norway and throughout the countries bordering on the

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treatment of gonococcal infections. It is generally agreed, however, that in

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intense. A chronic form of optic neuritis is opposed to a diagnosis of

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Some individuals are subject to headache when constipated. They lose

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and rheumatoid arthritis generally in the hand, an important factor in the

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of hot or cold water, or of some mineral water free from sodium salts,

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later of an active kind, such as resistance exercises, may be very beneficial.

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patients as the mobility of the pylorus is such that the tumour may be

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times it is below the normal rate. Optic neuritis usually occurs, but is

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most characteristic symptoms. The illness, which is sometimes preceded

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therapeutic procedure, the matter of the selection of donors for trans-

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and irregular borders ; there is distinct hyperemia with mottling, or the

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hand, with progressive loss of power in the hand. There was no tender-

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Twenty-four hours after the first series a third series is made. By this

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gelatin. The disease can readily be conveyed to many of the lower

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local applications of fhe usual remedies, and wander from one

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The pain of this form of congestion of the liver is often much relieved by