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tended to Practical Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery, with special

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it right to warn the Association that they would have great difficul-

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with them the recollection that here, in these northern regions, there

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as thej- were issued, and transmit them to the Poor-law Board. He would, at the

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Nor is it, we think, true to assert that the British policy in this

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and read before the general meeting of the Association.

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according to the size of the district and the importance of the report.

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but tends to the general harmony of the profession. Moreover, it can-


imposed duties, namely their share of the transport of the sick and

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the lens is slightly withdrawn from the observed eye this image under-

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allow the Society to supply the enormous demand on its resources

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37, Cr,'at Queen Street, Lincoln's hin Fields, IV. C.

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society must here at least be taken for granted. It would, no doubt,

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Ventnor, Isle of Wight. — The Hon. Augusta Irby bequeathed ^500 to

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The resolution was put from the chair, and carried amidst hearty ap-

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of Honour for regularity of attendance and general good conduct, will

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agreed that some change was necessary. A more purely academical

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plaintiff were entirely unprofessional, and of an ordinary friendly cha-

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for example, it is desired to saturate a box of clothing with this gas,

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overcoming the difficulties and pains of chronic constipation. In last

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The present Secretary would feel thankful for a successor, because

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ledge. Newton himself probably never dreamt that his great discoveries

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support the uterus by means of an internal instrument, \hen the

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may congratulate Messrs. Lippincott on the very satisfactory manner in

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There is no application for the post of physician. Three candidates

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ancient, glorious old city of Durham [ap/'/(7!iss], they had succeeded, by

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the Double Qualification (see next page) ; except that the third course of

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simitar appointments what is the cheapest, most certain and expeditious way of

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seems, however, to have seen it in men ; and I think I have seen

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