nution was noticed in the urea excretion ; on the fifth day, however,
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and other spirits on the market for its special purposes.
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the poison, with resulting variola in the person thus exposed. To what
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■■ 'I'hat the constitution of the Outarin Medical Councii shall
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ject to, and apparently obeys, the laws of infectious maladies in general,
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tongue (symptoms due to the systemic infection), while vomiting may
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may often be appropriately termed '' ivalMng jjueumoma," since they
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forms purely a physiological act, and a regular storm of it
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at 77°-80° for three or four minutes, which calmed and gave him sleep. Two
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the former type, while the patient's antecedent condition may either be
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ease, the time usually ranging from five to twenty or more days.
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and successful. Being both anatomist and surgeon, he made
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stout. The tubes are two inches long; they are white, and
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whom so much is heard to-day. He practised many of the same
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and we are awaiting a new supply from Japan, which we an-
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: ' 3. The duration of increased blood pressure depends (a) upon the
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— Baruch, Osier, Siehler, Stockton — have expressed themselves most
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year has been consumed. In the Australian countries fruit
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Wines — Grapes, Varieties of, etc. — The Wine-Taster — Peculiarities of
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are the cool skin (especially of the extremities) and the clammy sweat
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thesia ; a slow, followed by a more rapid though variable, pulse ; irregu-
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ditions, even up to diabetic coma. Diabetics excrete much
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may intimidate physicians into the preference of antipyretics in a
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and that hydrotherapy belongs to the most precious antineuralgic
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glucose is decomposed. The proteids and the tannin also are
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bital branch of the trigeminus. Often a striking periodicity is observed,
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lower extremities, and it was also confirmed by experiments on animals.
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When a rapid increase of pulse tension is desired, together with
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be taken by the Council or its E.xecutive Committee, on the one
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administered in the inverted position. The convulsions ceased after a
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to ten thousand feet at once. Probably four thousand to six
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The systematic application of douches was introduced into phthiseo-
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richs — Vienna — Clinical Schools and Lectures — Billroth, Skoda,
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are increased. It cannot be inflated ; is extremely friable, and its lace-
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use for children's food the milk from a healthy herd rather
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Lieut. -Coloncd Andrew ('roil. Saskatoon, who went to France
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to increase the cutaneous respiration, and thus to invigorate the entire
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At first no ftching. Burning pain. Intense itching.
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on the market at a much earlier stage of its life, both to the
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remains after sporulation, as stated by Flligge. Treatment is ineffec-
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lliat one should keep out of crowds and stuffy jdaces as much as
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tion in which he found in the perspiration the same staphylococcus