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Sunday Mirror the following comments upon the recent

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J. C. and the cases of angioneurotic edema among them have been

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{Ibid. Appendix No. cxlviii. (par. 6) to vol. vii.) " The very poor p

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with nitric acid ; urea, 13.48 grammes. Patient had been

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Bentlet, Edwin, Major and Surgeon. To be relieved from

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The history of the case was as follows : The patient,

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Measures, now before Parliament, and in the event of

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Jr., and the Committee on Aging and endorsed by The

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" We consider that about 40 per cent, of our debts has been collected through the extremely

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of the State Boaril of Health of Illinois," although dated January, 1883,

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New Cause of Deafness. — We find in the Gazette Medicale of

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only revealed when the affection is unusually prolonged, and perhaps