association studies, the results and the conclusions
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tion of 0.5 gramme. This was done on October i6th, and
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by exaggerated knee jerks and Babinski. A diagnosis of
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instead of doing the usual operation of external urethrotomy, they should
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very rarely a reason in itself. The use of the for-
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of atonia gastrica, i. e., abdominal relaxation, to
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ham, of Burlington, Vt. The following officers were elect-
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ease as opposed to an organic one in which there is
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the shock, with a refilling of the depleted vascular
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notice. In the first place we are not Indians ; the
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Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis announces that the
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quested {but not required) that the answers be short; if
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less alcohol to intoxicate a woman than a man, and,
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knows the disease thoroughly and is willing to give
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vaginal fistula, one of which healed spontaneously ;
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from other individuals. It is a fact that an individ-
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incomprehensible functions of the latter, — all lay
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ter. C— Piece of heavy cotton goods with eyelets for lacing.
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uals are arrested annually in this country for drunk-
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on her present ilhicss. Her personal history was briefly
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the seat of the lesion and then "letting well enough
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5. Trigidital Examination of the Head of the Femur.
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ing the course of intrauterine instrumentation ; in
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brown inhaler clenil side effects
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tically impossible to keep the patient's urine sugar-
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be too minute to intercept those rays of light visible
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placed the ofiices of the director, chief of the medi-
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The following named First Lieutenants, Medical Reserve
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Marsden. — In Red Bank, New Jersey, on Tuesday, No-
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the spinal cord (where, in the latter disease, it is not
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disordered brains that need the constant support of
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r4th. Dr. Charles Gilmore Kerley read a paper entitled
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at Naples, submitted on October loth the following report of
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know, but says it is a clinical fact. In many of these
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the skin and nerve trunks ; elsewhere a one tenth per
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tendency in the past has been to under treat rather
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Ohio State Medical Association. — The seventh annual