positive reaction in twelve cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in all stages,
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Athol, Worcester (1762), 4307 — Dunbar, H. O. ; Lynde, J. P.; Parsons,
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refused. Indeed, it offered but little hope so late in the course of
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years. However, the time of the year was not constant for all the
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complete hemolysis of 1 cc. of a 1 per cent suspension of human cor-
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3. Marginal vesicular emphysema can be induced artificially by
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with this much material ilrawn from his personal observation, and so
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casts, the day preceding the experimental diet. A persistent albumin-
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sists chiefly in the emission of their seed, so v/om.en are de-
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there be simultaneous degeneration of the lateral columns. This may be
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(3) A peculiarly apathetic, placid infant. Never talks, but babbles
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was in residence, and became a Fellow of All Souls,
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in relation to not making charges public till men are
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of the drugs in question, with little reference to their litera-
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Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Medical Society of Halifax
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oz. dissolved in hot water ; to flavor, use extract of lemon,
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that it should be quashed. The judge ruled that suit
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and outer wall form the arc. This arc is the mesiosuperior side
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saprophytic growth, the less its virulence. From Hankin's observations this loss
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oz., oxide of lead, 2 drachms, camphor, 1 drachm, water,
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dilated from hydronephrosis but quite small. This 1
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I have also compiled statistics of 365 cases of papillary atrophy
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fruit in 180(>. This season we have been unable to obtain
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A piece of cotton soaked in a weak solution of permanganate
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to be obtained by ordinary grazing or in hay. The poison
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not be neglected, particularly where the bowels are dis-
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Medicine in the University of New York. Two volumes 8vo, comprising
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together partly by sutures, partly by means of the bandage. —
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genic material may lodge, and no effort should be spared to
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brain has been the highest point hitherto reached. It has been
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^v^I^obtain^d fn SO ner «!»«?»«.!» Use. Rapid and Effective Absorption.
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systems, with the tramp, tramp, tramp of the juvenile grade in the
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