ficient excess of liquor on one side to influence the pathology. If this were
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•cases in which the operation has been twice performed, and still
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N HCO~ ~ ~TC~ ' Thus, if we take CH as 0.35 xlO- 7 , \ as 0.605 for blood conditions, and
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gland itself; there is generally some particular spot where the
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fell while skating. Ten days before she vomited and had headaches. Nine days
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examination shows a mass in the left iliac zone more than likely con-
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gration of the animal. The afferent stimulus arriving, let us suppose,
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rudiments of hygiene. lie proposed that popular lect-
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off from the intumescentia gangliaformis in the Aqueductus
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stated that in anaemia there is a reduction in the quan-
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breviate or lengthen the intervals between the doses, accord-
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that an independent examination should be made. While
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the uterus he seems to regard imperfect invagination of the cervix uteri
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British and North American, line, being nearly 400 feet in
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will plunge their heads in it, and appear to feel relief by it : but ip
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while a large number of individuals claimed to possess
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Special attention was paid to the ears by Dr. Forster,
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the daily irritation during the act of micturition, hav-
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seen progressing rather above and without the carotid artery and
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predict an equally brilliant future for her this year's
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Eesult, perfect health, with a permanently straight
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a cessation of growth gives rise to reverse fermentation.
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minister at once. If at the end of a few hours the patient has
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certificate of medical standing than it is now possi-
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the thirty-five original cases special mention was made of the character
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Some assistance in treating the disorder may be obtained by
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path leads to the spread of the excitation from the sino-auricular node
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ness about .the abdomen on pressure, a tendency to sickness and
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It must be very gratifying to Dr. Farr to see this first attempt
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test upon an inanimate object shows anything at all. In keeping
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sometimes a vibratory thrill will be felt. The patient himself may
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washing clothes. Two months afterwards the uterus had gone back to its
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As the facts then stood, there were two general types of endocar-
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oat meal or com meal mush, with skim-mUk or buttermilk.