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than 150 cc. Unfortunately, the first catheterization is not infrequently
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tance with all that is around us, though it be not very deep, than slices
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he remarks that " some apothecaries have desired their patients
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produced by a fall upon the side. I put up the limb in the
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invariably forerunners of death. Coma and convulsions are fatal sym[)toms
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p(»int of doctrine or of |)ractice ; and we do not forget that
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impaired, the cost per bed, including the whole expenditure
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need not here be discussed, since he has raised more
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face of appalling calamity and bitter exposure did much to maintain
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incision four inches long Avas made an inch to the right of
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throat, skin, and bones, and produces, or at least aggravates, and
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dictions. They are blood letting, chloroform, morphine,
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of the mouth by covering the margin Avith mucous membrane ; to
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and antitoxin, and all our proteose fractions and their corresponding
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lastly, whether a criminal act was committed by a person while labouring
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favorable to the hypothesis of the localization of functions in
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developed the practical. Everywhere could be seen an earnest,
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^ — ;_: : ^^.i^. — .^^i^.i_^_ -.^__^ — , — 1^
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but after a few days, when covered by granulations,
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table of the measurements of their heads as compared with
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your ancient formularies; but before passing to the
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be established as soon as possible to preclude and mini-
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lessening the number and increasing the temperature
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breakdown of many fine men. Our American cousins apparently lay great
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There is no dearth of literature on Catarrh. Medical
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or Algiers. Caution the patient about over-use of the voice,
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done at Plymouth may be'done elsewhere ; only we must go
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summoned to sec the man, and lound him with arterial blood
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typhoid in a malarial is often accompanied by clinical
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Without dwelling on this special point, I propose, gentle-
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weaken the system and diminish appetite employed, no great advantage
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contagion of the disease, and tested it pretty thoroughly by lying on
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as a red, granular mass, pulsating freely, slightly constricted
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who resided as next door neighbors in one of the eastern
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army, during a period of forty- one months, | Thirap.
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the fauces with perhaps some swelling of the tonsils