president; Drs. Jephtha D. Davis, Frank L. Ratterman and
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creased, and in diphtheria, erysipelas, trichiniasis. all
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13. Usually the tactile, muscular, hot and cold sensations are
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tality from typhoid fever in the hospitals of the world
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Streets Should be Watered not Sprinkled. — The economy
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with many other pioneers in surgery. Dr. Buchanan did
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lation went on in the usual way. Search for malignant tumor
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have shown that uric acid is not derived from metabol-
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bers these will have if the present membership of the
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evident when we consider that the cooling which takes
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will sometimes give rest to the joint. When inflamma-
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trinsic dangers of the drug. General anesthesia is strongly
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those of the anterior mediastinum being firmly imbedded in the
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the bowels which was operated upon with removal of four and
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that all women who attend cases of natural labor for gain
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There was' no history of dysentery or diarrhea. The patient
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"Sec. 11. That any vessel sailing from any foreign port with-
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immediate extraction follow. These principles have been the
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this purpose, has been largely diverted from its original
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review of the several operative methods of dealing with hypo-
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in Paris under Professor Tamier, and he could vividly recall
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the other kidney is still dubious. Primary extirpation of the
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personal hygiene, Bruce suggests arsenic and moderate doses
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normal mechanism, such as rotation; also with the least com-
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by Dr. Murphy. There existed in this patient an enor-