Assistant Attending Pediatrician, New York Hospital.
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1. Hurst JW, Logue RB, Schlant RC, Wenger NK: The Heart,
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Surgeon J. B. G. Baxter, U.S.Y. (20) twenty days leavo tn>m Depart-
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tain peculiarities of the capillary circulation in each, dependent on the
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womb, but also the child in the womb, of all gross humors.
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to 1; 2 to 4; Sunday, 12 to 1. M. D. (Univ. Utrecht.) 1856.
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2"8 per cent. Upon the whole, then, we think that the evidence is
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has subsided ; this I have been obliged to do only in one case, which
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A very interesting body which is sometimes found in the urine is
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south shore. It then runs straight into the open ground that
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There is no evidence of tuberculosis elsewhere, and
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virtues of Peruvian bark, has contributed the most potent factor
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1982, Rutgers-The State University of New Jersey; M.D.