a reinfection. A relapse was a relighting up of the complaint at
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monest in acute diffuse nephritis, and then the blood indisputably
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diseased in every case, and the pleura unaffected. The explanation given was that
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Of cases of atrophy of the cerebellum, Nothnagel has referred to 13
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in practising Dentistry, but not registered under the Dentists Act, 1878, who are
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compelled to consider also the various forms of peri-
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early the cul-de-sac of Douglas will be deeper than is normal. Thus
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hemianopsia pointed to the absence of any affection of the occipital lobe or
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refrigerator. Coffee jelly may be served with cream and sugar.
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their lives were threatened, with permanent impairment
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ministering ansestnetic agents, that no other case of the kind has occurred
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swellings or bruises, and may be rendered anodyne by
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tween I 1 ?-*)' and 11.7' Fahr., it is more easily powdered than at
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confidence. The next is an entire cessation of those habits
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precipitate does not exclude the presence of this class of proteoses in
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that morally she had been guilty of the murder of her
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contraction of the cervical canal, a result which has been said to follow even
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in the different years, the same principles being adhered
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may be appointed, as provided for by law, the resident sheep therein shall be under
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These reports, which covered the whole of the ground, agreed in
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consider an illustration. The conditions obtaining when there is a large
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In this brief description* it willbe noted that thb baeilii inthfese-two
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conjunctiva and cornea, and the formation of a small triangular foam patch
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tion relating to it, to refer to the report of 1908 of the Bureau of
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1. Laryux. — 2. Right. 3. Left top of the lungs. — 4. Trachea. —
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niggard hand, wanted but this last drop to fill to overflowing, the
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Strawberries may be flooded, if the rows are so well
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who, although he had no paralysis, did develop extreme weakness of
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attracted attention. In a number of the recorded cases of this
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the presence of moisture the sputum should be examined a sufficient
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pressure upon the abdomen elicit-s signs of suffering, and the peculiarity of
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time ] tuber cidosis, that is, as it affects an individual, may remain here
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upon the nervous and muscular structure of the intestinal