gitis are wanting. Moreover, tetanus, in other than tropical climates, is

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containing one-half, by volume, of a dark-brown precipitate. Hemo-

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are, so to speak, antagonists. To sound A the mouth is

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the left ventricle pre<loniinatt'S over hy[H»rtrophy, yet they may be more

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lIlL'kt'ii". ('. A Miiiiiiiil of Oplilliiiliiiic I'rtu-lirc -.'HI

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of formic ether to sulphuric ether has been suggested, on

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When menstruation occurs, many changes are observed in the

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pericardium, an abundance of diffluent lymph, easily washed away

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15th, 1860: Strong, active, well conditioned Cur Dog, Terrier blood predominating.

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in connection with this type, such as defects of the corpus callosum and

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of variola as well as the mild ones of varioloid. If a healthy person

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with acute jaundice who have swollen livers show this disparity in

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between these events and CARDIZEM therapy is yet to be

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X-Ray Study of Tuberculous Lungs — Thomas Frasier, M. I)., and John D.

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time it reaches the rectum its posterior end is generally

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got bronchitis," etc., the speakers weaken their language

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1890-92, ii, 582-596.— Morehouse <G. W.) Bits of niedi.

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a conjugate of not less than 7.5 cm.. 3 inches. 6. Under

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and that the symptoms which it may produce are not to

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loss of control over the sphincters ; a condition which has played no un-

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due to its stimulating effects on certain centers of the brain, thus inducing

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on phosphorus, a substance which is so readily oxi-

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cussed by Drs. Bingham, T. T. S. Harrison, T. K. Holmes, and I.

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showed the same phenomena. Hydroxylamine proves itself to be a very

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Mead, who had succeeded already to much of his practice,* now

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line by Drs. Kirchner, and Eckstein, of Berlin, in 1906, in which

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may include androgynism, if so awkward a word may be

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Movements, which were a good deal restricted by the swel-

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Palpation. — Everywhere except in the flanks a general sense

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Barker (Arthur E.) case of extensive enterectomy 193

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holes and smear their margins with tar, and renew it often. The

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BxperimeBts iUostrating the action of physical agents, abstraction of blood, electricity,

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