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The Board of Directors of this Institution have assigned to me the

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York Hospital. B.A. 1975, Princeton University; M.P.H.

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gates for one-fifth fare, and offers free transportation

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to be appreciated by the circle of readers for which it is intended.

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is to wipe out completely from the statute book an outrageous and

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were no intestinal lesions. In 1891 I called attention to the favorable con-

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between 1949 and 1967, 1.2 percent were caused by benign

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sometimes in new lights, and at other times confirm-

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line of incision, division of layers, identification of the sac,

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Nervenheilk. 1895, vii. p. 32. — 64. Ziehen. Arch. f. Psych. 1888, xix. p. 465.

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minute division of labour characterized the Egyptians;

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GoRis. — Soc. beige d'otol. et de laryngol. C.-r., Bruxelles, 1905,

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South, have personally known them from youth, and even in-

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which have remained unknown. — Med. Times and Gazette, June 29, 1872.

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pulse quiet ; tongue clean, and appetite good ; uterus somewhat lower than

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gymnast, and phrenologist, tested his strength and endurance by