ments. On the following day the patient was in intolerable pain,
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amount and kind of renal disease present^ bearing in its inten-
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In two hoars afterwards a positive and distinct friction sound was heard all over
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Liman took up the process in 1863. His results were cor-
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three weeks. The injections were continued, and when the
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is not present, wiU yon kindly tell me ? I am sure that the appearance is some-
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nephritis there was but a slight decrease in the phenolsulpho-
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owing to recent fibrinous deposits connected with them, such bodies being liable to
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we read that when he was visited by angels in the Plains of Mamre, that "he took
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Lower Mississippi and East Florida, 9 ; Posts on the Lakes, 9 ; Canada, C. Localities
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Among the laiscellaneous topics of interest scattered through
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lODOCAFFEiN (i"o-do-kaf'e-in). A white crystalline compound used in
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worm, for I have brought them away by vegetable remedies repeatedly; and, in fact,
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contracted in the pursuits of daily business, nor will No - 16.— Diseased Bowel
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The patient presents the picture of the residua of a left
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there were throughout the year occasional cases of the disease in the hospitals, in
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fibre round and about the growing myoma. In like manner the
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flaunting in silks and jewels, and glorying in their shame.
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discuss the specific physical signs and symptomatology of
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of typhoid and typhus fevers from other diseases^ the thermo-
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Previous to a lit, there is often great debility, and an unnatural appearance of the
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cations.— FFi«wr Med. Wbchenschrift, 1867, Nos. 43, 44, 46, 63.
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fore, persons should avoid sitting in currents of air, or otherwise exposing them-
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For long ages the disreputable credit of being the cause of the fall of man has
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are the causes of the dropsy. There are, then, two totally dis-
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operate at any great distance, otherwise it must have spread to the
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escaping the dreaded enemy, and still find it break out when
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flexed at the elbow, the fingers were stiff, and the entire arm
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times diseased. The close and continual application, together with the use of
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•■■ous animals,) others scaly without feet or fins, (as serpents,) others scaly
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