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adjusted as to relieve the wound of all strain. These appliances,
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Medicine specialists. Opportunities available for physi-
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the Drug and Grocery business, and are well saiistied that he would not
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progress of the case, the displacement became even less than at first.
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year, and that an executive committee, composed of one
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cise results. Dogs treated as in the experiments of Naunyn and C^iiincke re-
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very dilatable. The finger was introduced, dilatation
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ot this great comparative experiment, tried not on a few indivi-
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the yellow color is just perceptible, is found by comparing the solution
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dren. Rigidity of the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscles is always present, both
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" His words breathe truth, who breatlies his words in pain."
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The Prksident said the diagnosis was not, in his opinion, open to doubt,
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to infection the patient begins to suffer from catarrh of the mucous
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ries) of the humane arts of Asoka, recorded, at no great distance, on a rock in Guicrat."
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is due to the action of the oxygen set free when the chlorine com-
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open ground round the houses. There is a common meeting ground,
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ramus; most injuries are comminuted or radiating fractures,
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and divided into packets containing from two to four grammes.
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oform with a cooling after impression somewhat like that of peppermint.
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which it would be impossible for me to consider here. Our
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practice seems to have originated in an opinion that there
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thyroid had protected the mice against at least five times the dose of
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chloride by the gastric juice: all other salts on entering the
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K. W. KmcirBoii, who wuh at that liiiio an intornc; at
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strain affording the immunising material. To a moderate extent the
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then, of this most destructive agent is a subject of the very first
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siding officer, the Ass, was in danger of losing his
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rhagic tendency, with the extravasations; and the rapidity
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operation of our farmers this season will advance the interests of the
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Traumatic Partial Elimination of the Drum-head; Closure of
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stains in the face or other exposed parts. For this purpose Mr. Hill directs