pression that he is about to fall, which he would do but for each successive
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operations avoided. Our time will not permit of this.
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has been prepared. Several weeks ago we wrote to all the leading
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be placed tumors, clots (due to hemorrhage), and softening of the me-
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clinic ,and has been able to condense into small space a great number
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yield unsatisfactorily to internal dosage to suspend the latter at intervals
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(e) The Urinary System. — An excessive flow of urine {hysteric i)olyuria)
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in 1 901, three years before the child was born, the father was
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ganism ; often, however, streptococci ence of Klebs-Loffler bacillus.
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or dark blue-red urine, the abnormal appearance of the latter being due to
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subjective symptoms are absent; occasionally there are slight paresthesice.
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It is almost 30 millimeters (1.1 inches) in length, and inhabits the
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Foods and Their Adulterations.. H. W. Wiley. $4.00. P. Blakiston's
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In general arrangement as well as in intrinsic worth, the book is
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The commencing dose should be small (o j — -t.O, once or twice daily, to be
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Price, Clotli, $t.00 net per copy, except when otherwise ordered.
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form of a dark streak, running lengthwise, near the junction of the
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treating a section with compound iodin solution (Lugol's) the color
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if the delirium is prolonged, takes on a typhoid character, the tongue
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upon systemic pathology, A. G Nichols has been associated as a
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and hyperacidity are also among its freijuent causes.
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Autobiography of Samuel D. Gross, ALD., Emeritus Professor of
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Last July, when the American Institute, of Homoeopathy met in Pasa-
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acute onset is rare, it may occur in pregnant or puerperal women.
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2. There is a thickening and adhesion of the spinal membranes, with
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tive sign, and may be referred to one or both ears according as one or
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ing in the region of the submaxillary gland, with a rapid involvement
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digested food, the latter inevitably undergoing fermentative aud putre-
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effect on the rectal and colonic mucous membrane, as well as on account
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accommodation. The patient should look at a remote part of the room;
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Nervous Symptoms. — Mental perception and thought are also slow,
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fibrin formation was present early, which disappeared rapidly in
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filaria trachealis and bronehialis, seen in the trachea, bronchioles, and
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in tenement houses. Serious infections of the eye and of the internal
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of nothing for years, until decided attacks, lasting for several months,
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to the head, may suffice. The following fever-mixture may be employed,
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of tonics and purgatives, (c) Functional derangements of the stomach
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ness are pronounced, and particularly if pus be present.
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