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who goes to the Pacific coast to trade is very liable to die there, and that it is
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entered the service of the Parliament, Dr. Johnson's statement
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years in agar culture protected from desiccation. Selander, however,
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The treatment of tympanites is very difficult and uncertain. Various
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preliminary use of observation is known as perception. It involves the
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clavicular glands, is not a success in the great majority of eases.
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Bd. lxvi, No. 22,) relates that a nervous but otherwise healthy woman, suf-
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Other forms of syphons are seen at Figs. 159-161. In
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The District of St. Francis League for the Prevention of Tuberculosis.
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1 Deutsch. Med. Woch., 1885, p. 48; Deutsch. Med. Zeitsch., January, 1886.
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At a late seating of the Society of Biology, MM. Carnot and
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bright light caused it to close its eyes. During daytime it walked con-
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