without subjecting it to great stresses and strains which might

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against him on the part of older physicians headed by Dr Ewing.

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stenosis, would be scarcely compatible with Dr. Barclay's

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of the immediate saccharin principle : (1) The creation of amylaceous

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At the autopsy the brain and spinal cord were normal, with

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perhaps, not so powerful an anhidrotic as picrotoxin. It is useful,

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common cause of aneurism, but also of valvular disease. He

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adjacent bone fractures, or through dislocations. By prolonged violent

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operation successfully — she would promptly call to her aid

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hours previous. Whether this death was due to fatty de-

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G2, p. 32>^ ; 04, p. 211 ; ««, p. 222 ; 70, p. 24(t.

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Beside each bed there is also a nightstool, and the bedridden

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druggists make fresh solutions of potassium permanganate, con-

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The foregoing remarks relate to the prevention of cases of cholera

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appears on heating, viz., precipitation between 50 to 60 C. (even