Mental and Nervous Diseases, Drug and Drink Habits, and Inebriety.

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to say the least, have a prior claim to this discovery.

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upon the Lungs by Elax-Dust ; by Dr. Beveridge, of Aberdeen, on the Occur-

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in some cases downward to the eighth rib, and to the left from 1 to 2 inches

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times the second parotid is not involved until several days or weeks have

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to which the rheumatic patient is subject. When employed early

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torticollis, and pleurodynia are often rheumatic in nature.

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with the observations of most practitioners, tliough perhaps not always

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purgatives may be required for some time after the obstruction is re-

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The following statistical report with its accompanying notes

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brosi- was moderate in forty cases and advanced in thir-

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conditions In a dreadful and very alarming state. On

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The powerful action of the tetanus poison in such minute amounts,

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bell {Brit. Med. Jour., 1923, 1, 409) to undertake a critical examination

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of the larger bronchial tubes were obtained ; in some,

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sure, asthenia, and acute disturbances of the digestive

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absent. Heat-stimuli, curiously enough, are very much less

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of advanced life, three years ago, was led to observe that the quantity of his

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centre of the breathed-on surface of the slip. The blood is

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drawn up from the notes of Mr. Field, the Apothecary of that

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tween the bladder and the cavity of the uterus was permanent,

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odorless excavator. Prevention is tlie most important duty

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cation of the first degree, that is, we are able to palpate

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when another convulsion occurred, apparently limited

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Lithia Water. — The natural Bromo-Lithia water can now be obtained

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Sir J. D. Corrigan and others as to the different character of

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one has been able to determine from whence it came, or how long it had existed

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un cas de fldvre typhoide. Rev. ni6d. do Toulouse, 1885,

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versity their degrees are mentioned, but I am speaking of

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cannot be relied upon. He thought that maternal nurs-

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War II the average division wounded in action rate for the selected

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desijrnate as " allopath.s." The fact stated by Dr. Flint that

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beyond all others, in establishing the practice in this state, and distin-

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which will increase them, as there is a retardation of

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is, that while the remedies are being used, no attempt is made to reduce the general

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tering labetalol HCI to patients with pheochromocytoma

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castle-upon-Tyne, 188.5-0, 153. — Panas. Dermoides de

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Sur la prfisence du troisi^me trochanter chez I'homnie.

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selves that there is a foreign body in the eye our duty is plainly to

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