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The Homoeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York
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same period he assisted Professor Parvin, now of Phila-
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some hours before the swelling and the general disturbance,
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vacancy caused by the death of Prof. Charles Carroll Lee,
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As a tonic and reconstituent in the classes of cases above
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Dr. Pfeiffer served as health inspector until 1910 for the Board of
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non-existence of mind, save as a form or function of matter, on
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rowful exceptions, to avoid taking. The old monkish axiom,
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from his own experience, and from that of such eminent authori-
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Dr. Barron of Liverpool has given much attention to this
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action. In this condition, the evidence of a mental blank is more
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New York, which opened up a larger field of study for
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nothing to complain of but the excruciating pain in the back of
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ative answer, he would come upstairs with a little grunt of
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portfr. Phila,, 1890, Ixii 561 Trans. Coll. Phys., Phita.,
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Accepted Masons, a member of the Quogue (Long Island) Country
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cal clinic of Professor William Guodcll at the University,
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the New York Academy of Medicine, and outside of his professional
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coucheur can look upon his library as complete, while it lacks a
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M.D. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son, & Co., 1885. 102 pp.
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bedside of a young man of about twenty years, whose condition
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necessary to remove sediment, and then cooled with pure ice if desired."
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try, Thomas Sayre, progenitor of the American branches of the Sayre
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once this deformity has been developed, of course it in turn contributes to
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Even in advanced cases the pain usually occurs only when the affected joints
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the hydrogen peroxide, a much more intense liberation of
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