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the left leg bent outwards and formed an angle of 135° with
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The soles of both feet were much arched and the bones of
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Pityriasis rubra, case of psoriasis associated with rheumatism,
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inert lUDs to date: A review and comments. J Reprod Med
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*From the Department of Radiology, Martland Medical Center,
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1883 "White, "William Hale, M.D. (C), Senior Assistant
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known addiction-prone individuals or those who might in-
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not to use age alone to classify patients. Children, especially
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tion. Therefore, the addition of pre-hospital advanced life
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The forensic unit recently has acquired a social worker who
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1881 Stokes, Henet Feaser, 2, Highbury Crescent, N.
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longer are confined to low income and minority groups.
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( broivab the BROWN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., INC. 2500 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, California 90057
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the lesion. So, at present, it is best to perform direct sampling
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mitted here is for exclusive publication in The Journal. Upon
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istic of patients pregnant at an early age, rather than of
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methylxanthines. theobromine, or caffeine and may be contraindicated in peptic
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into them : but we will be bold to assert, that whoever repeats
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" Lectures on the Blood, Lancet, 1838-39, vol. i, pp. 460, 255.
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was treated with antibiotics. He denied any previous history
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Besides being coagulated when exposed to the air, the co-