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liuit cas. [Ulcer of the second part of the duodenum. Contribution to the
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hypertrophic picture made its appearance within twenty-two days
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removed and the cut ends joined by circular suture. No neurological
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lating lymphocyte (not only of the rat but of many of the smaller animals)
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were 12,440. Three weeks later without benzol the leukocytes
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still further, involving the arms, and death took place from diaphragmatic
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bilirubin which is not regularly present in human stools, is con-
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ever, and that is that substances preventing the development of
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Art. IV. — The Seats and Causes of Diseases, Investigated by Anatomy ;
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Burnand, R. (1). La frequence de la symphyse pleurals apres la resorption
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A patient apparently recovering well and feeling well is seized without
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of some interest to observe that the duration of life in patients
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bacteria treated by keflex
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nerves were degenerated, and between the nerve-bundles there was some
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lustrative of the Seat, Nature, and Origin of Fever. By Thomas Mills, M. D.
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if a rigid adherence to the conception of simple vitamin starvation as
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two conditions. In paralysis agitans the onset is essentially progressive,
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stimulation of the lower limbs or the paralysed part of the trunk as well
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The Council are indebted to the following for editorial superintendence in
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developed. This inflammation subsided in a few days. On April 24 the
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cough subsided, and he soon found himself able to do a "man's work"
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badly. A summary of the cases is as follows : one case was useless from
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other method. The results are claimed to surpass those obtained by any
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adnexa were found. From both inguinal canals a testis-like body was
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all showed the characteristic drop in blood-jjressure.'^ Xo definite
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He was given daily intratracheal injections of iodoform, with gradual
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areas of marked primary hypertrophy and hyperplasia. A parallel
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equal skill and delicacy in their construction. Saussure's hy-
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the stools. Still if the figures for the four days from December
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of pleocytosis, a moderate reduction in globulin, and as far as could be
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the thyroid gland is broken through and the outer parts infected. Sudeck
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being replaced, would, in a few minutes, make use of them. I
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ducts, and by severe cholecystitis and empyema. Calculi which occur in