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perature of the horse serum, take part in determining the coefficienl

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Wassermann or luetin reactions and regarded as being tertiary or

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were assembled and then inoculated with equal amounts of an actively growing

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ferred to the head, pharynx, and chest, and are associated with psychical

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has been noted in the pathological conditions studied. Whereas

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days it rained ; on three, there was snow, but not in any apprecia-

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accurate statistical reports— especially by recent ones

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cough ; ])rofuse diarrho'a, the discharges at times l)eing involuntary and

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of anterior polio-myelitis is absent in the former malady. If this point in

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accelerates the normal rate of proliferation of embryonic cells.

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The stomach contained about 50 cc. of bile-stained, acid fluid. The fundal

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of the pain varies : it may be dull, boring, stabbing, tearing or darting,

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had faecal discharges every day, but they . were not sufficiently

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with varying strengths of currents, but the vagi were stimulated with

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One of the Vice Presidents of this College, Dr. C. D. Meigs, re-

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corn fell off from the right foot, though a similar corn on the left foot wa»

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various arts and trade of a manufacturing city. The dwellings of

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several cases of eruptive disease, closely resembling measles, but

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some cardinal virtues not attainable unless thro' labour and sorrow,

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few seconds will be followed by complete relief. The \

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abnormal number of cell elements. These elements often undergo fatty

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tightly as to injure the intima, the arterial wall would behave pre-

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stomach contained 10 cc. of bile-stained, acid fluid. The gastric mucosa was bile-

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same general vein. Pledges began to be made from var-

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delirium, convulsions ; but rarely disturbances of sensation or paralysis.

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of the wrist of the right hand. Two punctured wounds were made

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in the cats; i.e., enlargement of the gland, proliferation of the cells,

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erance of the subjects to increasing doses of the antigen is shown to

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of these chronic alcoholismus, sexual excesses, and reflex disturbances are

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matical expression of the curve representing cicatrization . . 451

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produced a cure or proved successful in arresting its progress. Quinine in

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tions assumed the dysenteric character, being composed of a minute

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fixed, and the face wears a peculiar frown. The tonic stiffness is aggra-

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continuity. Thus infection may take place in kissing, or from the use of

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paresis, and paralysis is frequently followed by tonic contractions. Fibril-

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the happiness to know him well. In the prime of life, and in the