get on very fairly well if they have the moral qualities needed for

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that can be used to identify patients who are likely to

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of nitrogenous substances. They are derived from partially decomposed

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serous canals were actually sometimes too narrow to admit or transmit globules.

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dition gradually grew worse and death occurred at p. m.

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attendant may tell him that as his trouble progresses his

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mense amount of mucus in the bronchial tubes that it was evident


This remedy is to be recommended for long continued use more

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the haemorrhage is very sharp. As often as not it does not occur

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scraping the patient died from an axillary scirrhus.

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infantile death rate has not increased since vaccination was made com

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The salivary secretion is increased and saliva hangs from

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tration etc. I give the history in order that you may

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future it will be to the advantage of all who contemplate

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legs and does not usually cause any serious injury. But in the cerebral

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should have occurred more often than twice in an experience

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clinical history of the case for notwithstanding the wonderful in

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night sweats bloodletting is to be repeated for the removal of the

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sence of tubercle in meat but such really is the state of matters

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borne in mind. Within the respiratory apparatus the seat of irritation is

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dulness. He was as usual until December th when sudden profuse

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womb should then be made. It is believed that the irrigation of the

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then have a scientific basis for right judgment in the matter.

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specially to produce proliferative and degenerative changes in

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ginning of the fourth week. I have seen such cases and

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ness or unconsciousness of the patient is mentioned and in which the

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before it. Drs. Thomas and Lade found the temperature as follows imme

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above the trochanters and showing the cleft between the

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III shows that the number of patients able to swallow

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on the kidneys. Some of the amino acids might be nephrotoxic when

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Secretary Dr. Ferguson. It contained the reports of

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until the th of.January when I told her the condition

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to be excited by the thought of turning in bed. They are

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case requires special management. On the whole high elevation ought to

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has formed but not before the cicatrix of the tendon has

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probably through direct conveyance by infected persons.

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quence of the formation of a sulphuret of lead or sulphuret of

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Pc hd b forceps. Silk eutures were used. The stomach was

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notification isolation and disinfection. Under the head

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rare. Perhaps the most remarkable case on record is one published by

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ous series of reported cases shows the following facts

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aspect. I no longer entered the consultation room with the senti

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striking is the great variety in distribution in the various

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the patient comes from a distance and seeks speedy relief. To this