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fever, diarrhoea, anaemia, somnolence, convulsions, and death in four to five

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Heart. — Case of suspected Endocarditis under a more chronic Form. —

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the chronic lesions found in pig A, which died in thirty days after

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had not up to the time of the last observation been manifested

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setts Ave., Boston. Notices and other material for the editorial

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have patience to attend to all the little details of the antiseptic method,

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ception of the intestine, etc. — which give an entirely

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present time. It is better in principle not to have a vision corrected by glasses.

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injection of normal salt solution at a temperature of 110°

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tentative diagnosis of : (1) Ruptured ectopic pregnancy;

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Digitalis Poisoning, by C. C. Marshall and J. T. Taylor; Some Sug-