sickly fora time, aiid a suQicient explanation of the causes is
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venous blood. The liver presented a deep purplish, almost black color. As soon as the heart
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resorted to in the case of some of the larger cavities.
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were improved in thirteen, worse or unchanged in twenty-
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J>raval .Appointments. — Robert Woodworth, William W. Valk, David
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fore the bleeding, the convulsions had been very fre-
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operated has been increased to a hundred and five, and to
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Asiatic cholera. Affections of all the mucous membranes, when
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for (jonl men. Look up the lui'h nnnihers in Doctor Atkinsons serial. Buy a copy of his book. Wriie
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from the scapula. The hole was the size of a 5-franc piece.
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(Compiled from the Journal of the Chemical Society.)
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the low muttering variety, is usually present. There
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boggy to the feel. At operation, the specimen shown was removed.
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been gassed two months previously at Ypres. The eye symptoms
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Delusions. — The fact that emotions often form the
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string, and when the suture was tightened to compress
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Bisulphide, AsS, (native realgar) ; on the new method, called
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The Journal des Connaissanccs Mc-dico-Chirurgicales, for January,
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very interesting resume of the subject of immunity in all its diverse ap-
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hands, saying, " Open the gate for me, for I am (m'drob) smitten."
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communicated in a letter to Dr. Simmons, and published in the
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laborious task. Professor Erichsen has not only diligently
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understood. The cases in which pus is free in the ab-
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by running the fingers down the throat or tickling it with a feather;
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experience with insane persons stated that he thought him quite incapable of
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cafe of my patient, thofe fymptoms and means of cure or alle-
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December, and saw another surgeon, who told him that he had atrophy
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of the gray matter of the spinal coin : also called
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till at length the dose is taken only once a month. I detail my
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other simple diluent, not one would have passed into
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Microscopic examination showed the anterior and middle lobe of the left
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adult by hypodermic injection ; 50 minims of tincture of opium in
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He is strong for hunting bee trees, but claims never to have been stung. His worst
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Beau and Bernutz advise warm baths of two, four, six, and
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pressioo of the urinary secretion, substances may accumulate in the
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of the surface of the peritoneum, parietal or visceral, or apparently the
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28th, 1861. He kindly allowed me to examine the am-
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light, it is alleged the nurse lighted a candle, and the stuff
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of turbid, granular looking, structureless material evenly but thinly
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enamel of the crown may be fractured by the animal accidentally
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to certify to more, or sometimes less, than he knows, is
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mained for eight years, learning the things suit, nystagmus means some, but, con-
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amusements, as the excitement which they produce soon becomes ex-
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gonorrhoea, or in whom gonorrhoea has persisted for a long period, are the sub-
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British Medical Journal, Lancet, Journal of Tropical Medicine, and