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increased and the cough much lessened. The purulent character
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Anderson, and Gouverneur M. Smith, were appointed a com-
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placement that reduced easily, and was found to have gone back
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anatomical museum of the Universitv of Edinburgh. J.
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38. Some years ago, a patient of mine who came annually to
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membrane, and inferior surface of the cutis. In some cases,
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M. Galezowski has observed, with M. Liouville, some cases of miliary
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CoRREsposDESTS, who wish uotice to be taken of their commnni-
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golden band ; " it is not often that we meet." Looking
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are accompanied by various phenomena according to the cir-
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without therapeutical interference, it would very rarely prove fatal. I
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nodes is seen occasionally. The origin of this pigmentation has been ascribed
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of the submaxillary has long been called Wharton's duct, after its discoverer
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In the meanwhile the parasite forms special club-shaped hyphse
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applied locally for the relief of pain, or as a 10 per cent, emulsion
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tory for antinuclear antibodies and three for rheumatoid fac-
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family physician without relief. I placed him on Glyco-Heroin —
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between paragraphs, all of which require correction before going to presB.
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Society, and an abstract of the proceedings of the session of 18G2,
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tomy if the patients had an afebrile postoperative convalescence.
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experimental results are published. Under calcination he says: ".Ml
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f producing diaphoresis. This may be employed in alternation with ca-
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water baths, hot-vapor baths, or Turkish baths, are all to be studiously-
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constant state of irritation, which is further aggravated
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tissues shall have contracted and hardened sufficiently,
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downward to about two inches from the vaginal outlet. The
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the heart were found, were very few, and these invariably in the young
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influence upon all that is going on within. Neither is it age
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Dr. H. A Johnson, of Chicago, a member of the Board,
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sium, continued for a long time. In the cases above menti(»ied, where
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and for those who desire to be at the college and clinics before the open-
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applied. Rest with elevation of the leg is urgently demanded, while remedies
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temperance agitator. Miss Weston, publishes in Ashore
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initial dose. This was increased by 1 minim at biweekly or tri-
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The preceding remarks have a forcible application to the adult, and
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his widow desires to sell his office South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles.
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mon metals in relation to arsenic is attested in the case
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Passive congestion is often attended by frontal headache, aggravated
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years. She came under observation suffering from enormous
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able to collect notes of at least three hundred cases; a larger number