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classified by Dearer and Macfarland, ^ may occur (a) in infancy,
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80 cases in which antiseptics are used, 5 cases lasted
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beginning, may be seen under the glass plate which fills the office of
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of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have thus far es-
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perhaps in certain circumstances to lead the surgeon to an early excision
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through so many editions shows that this opinion must be shared
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Dyspnea is noted, but is not a prominent symptom, unless some other
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have proved, when brought to the test, to be incorrect and de-
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Under artificial conditions they require 24 hours to
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Previous to the experiment, the cat was kept without food and drink for thirty-six hours,
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The following particulars, furnished by M. Besnier to the
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A WORK which has lately appeared under the title of *^ Tales of the Deaf
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of disinfecting the gastro-intestinal tract has occasioned much discussion,
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timore; A. H. Low, of Denver; F. A. Genth, Jr., of Philadelphia; Jno.
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ing to the theory advanced, not the result of an outside
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canule a chemise introduced. The patient was then unbound and
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NHI gets the support of only 36% of the public if it is to be financed by increased taxes,
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pressure upon the tul>ercula (juadrigemina. If it were
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I need not review the tribulations and attacks to which
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efforts the foetus is expelled. This is sometimes accomplished
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pared, one intended for sick infants and the other for
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articulations. In the huoian taenia, a central tube has been
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gavel from Dr. N. A. Hill, Madison, past president of the So-
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syphilis, I think, very rarely do so, even when, as com-
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katabolic. The paras}Tnpathetic, on the other hand, performs
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sional brethren do not know of their results, and the
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probable functions of the capsules forming the canal of
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was the rule to find the uterus smaller than was to be
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If they were found to be irksome he used a jaconet jacket lined
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repairing the injuries has in many instances resulted in
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ration. My tonsils also were formerly irritated and somewhat en-
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second bulkhead is maintained at from thirty-two to
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died from the malignant form. You will find quite a large number of
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generally marked, and in some cases is accompanied by a sense of tension, or
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may assume enormous proportions, reaching below the knee, and
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focus on the patient's family and the pubhc as a whole.
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