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of the skin. If the liver is chronically inactive you
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14. Oppenheimer, B. S., and Rothschild, M. H. : Abnormalities in the Q R S
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cause much discomfort to the patient and perturbation to the surgeon.
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lessons of a pure life and an unselfish labor for others,
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An eruption like flea-bites. Symptoms ever changing.
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6 cm., nature undetermined. Lateral film was taken.
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which is now affiliated with the Ontario Medical Association, and
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not being able to escape. At first there is no discoloration, but
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simply a blush, and in other portions distinct puncta can be distinguished.
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the spread of the process. In fact, it is not altogether uncom-
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" Destillata Sterilisata — Sterile distilled water
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adhesion of the intestines to the tumour must make us a little cautious
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scale upon the piston rod indicates minims, thirty being the capacity of the syringe.
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stains very deeply. The nuclei of the vessel-wall are greatly increased,
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enterprise in this direction. It is possible that we may
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apartments without consulting a physician for weeks
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of the profession at large, but, as time went on, due to the persistent work of
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