the liver arc prevented from penetrating the abdominal cavity and causing
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theoretical grounds it is improbable that either method could do good,
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J3 vOB ••• **t ••• ••• ••• Xf O
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inhalations. Counter-irritation, by means of cups and mustard sinapisms,
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which acts as the poisonous agent in uraemia. The earliest accepted view
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relief of cardiac dilatation will be found most serviceable.
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the secretion of the bile in the hepatic cells, — for there are no muscular
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indicated. Attention should be paid to the general health of the pa-
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nary circumstances, the wound should be healed and the stitches re-
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worm-gut sutures. These sutures should be allowed to remain from
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for two minutes, then placed in alcohol for one minute, treated for exactly
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first week ; then it may become red upon its sides and tip, and show a
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There is no murmur in hypertrophy. Bulging sometimes occurs, and
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structures. These may be anatomically considered with benefit, but
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** Heaside Watering Places.** Size of plate IMn. by 14iin. Coloured, price 6d., by
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absorption of septic poisons from certain acute fevers, which have
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a crack or fissure of long standing. Unless the epithelioma is removed
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occur, if they are reduced, usually they will not recur. Deformity
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of years and the man enjoyed good health and had worked at hard labor.
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phere which suit them best. Second. — Those cases which are of more dis-
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Only in scarlatinal albuminuria is the accumulation so sudden that para-
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with part of the artery for its wall, or an effusion of blood within the
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temperature ranges from 101° to 103° F. The membranous exudation
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It is believed that this centre acts both by stimulation and inhibition of
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quite thin and mainly composed of serum, at others extremely thick and
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munis. Infection is rendered possible by the diminished resistance of
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the irritating discharges excite distressing paroxysms of coughing. An
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which is the seat of the dilatation. If the dilatation is confined to the
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the most severe confluent small-pox may be the result. This fact proves
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and are carried through the body before the germ has actually entered
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sist of the contents of the s((;mach, later tiiey arc a mucus min<^k'd witii
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Spasm of the glottis, which may give rise to croupy symptoms, is excited
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before the wound is coaptated it must be rendered as nearly aseptic as
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small ones may coalesce and form one large, irregular excavation. Phthis-
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may exist from the onset. In the majority of cases, well-marked pneumonic
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pass from the bowel in several days, but this may not be true. It may
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ures of this disease. The thrombi are usually near the seat of the pus ab-
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If a pure culture is obtained from the beginning, which is seldom the
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prevails, in which scarcely a case will have renal complications; while dur-