Exophthalmos. — Protrusion of the eyeballs is usually present. The
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cardiac asthma in the mornings, and these are apt to be accompanied at
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infected, before being ingested by the patient, by pathogenic micro-
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complex function, such as speech, so many centres enter that the function
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a common predisposing cause of chronic pharyngitis. Repeated acute
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to the nasal chambers, such as cocain hydrochlorate solution (1 per cent.),
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ing : (a) an extension of catarrhal inflammation of the pharynx ; (5)
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but the studies of Hodenpyl indicate that the bacillus coli communis is
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doubted. It is to be recollected, however, that membranes are not
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latter measures, as a rule, promptly relieve the patient's suffering. Local
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of old perisplenitis, and a slaty color of the tissues, with more or less
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edema that develops after the removal of the thyroid gland. Exposure to
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motor end resultant of a stimulus whether received from the environment
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In the gastric digestion of the albuminoids (proteolysis) the proteids
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A certain class of cases is met with. hoAvever. in which the catarrhal
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of juice ; (2) one hour after Ewalds test-breakfast the hyperacidity is
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right ventricle alone. Obstruction to the outflow, such as occurs in
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Historic Note. — In 1889, Morrow stated that in India alone
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generally accompanies prolonged inflammatory and chiefly local changes
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and medulla. The quantity of fluid may be enormous, as much as 4 or
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in adults the condition develops acutely with severe faucial symptoms.
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Acute Gastritis. In all forms of acute gastritis the removal
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contract his aljdominal muscles as in the act of having a stool : in this
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stenosis ; {h) Mitral insufficiency ; {c) The fibroid form of myocarditis ;
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taken of it to aid in abortino- the attack — viz. bv emploving the galvanic
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and has a "leathery tone," " with curious nasal explosions at short in-
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monia. Similar appearances are presented by the cut surface. On
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the reflux current from the right ventricle, is the lessened blood-supply