plexion, fat, and with no dropsy. Dropsy, in fact, may never appear, although
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In Jacoby's second paper, published nine years after the first, his views
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of the records of the seven cases of adiposis dolorosa that have come to
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• Anamiia and Some of the Diseases of the Blood-forming Organs and Ductless
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type of diplopia presented is fairly characteristic. In successive examina-
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acute general tuberculous infection, the course is rapid and the termination
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As regards the iodine, we now know that iodine is not restricted, in the
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a rare condition characterized especially by diffuse hypertrophy of the
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tion. The tumors, perhaps in the neck or mediastinum or axilla, attain enor-
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Tumor of the root of the tongue should always excite suspicion of lingual
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» Monatsschr. f. Psych, u. Neurol, 1900, viii, 232.
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for Hodgkin's disease, although it may be altogether a different process. In
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information as to the degree of change of the joint. To estimate this last
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