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as a result of transfusion from other immune dogs. In some dogs as

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enbrok, a mechanic of Leyden, devised an apparatus that acted by

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Inquiries into her previous history showed that she came

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if she would faithfully follow a few simple directions that we would give

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Von DeCastello^^ observed similar bodies in about 5 per cent, of the

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The same conditions are present, too, when the rays

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for the time, the consideration of their reports was postponed

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longer confined to the dry details of a lecture, but has also oppor-

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remembering the law and the fate of Dr. Watelet, he

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ent methods of treatment of a disease it is necessary to take account

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Without entering into further details, I may state that the

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On the whole, as we have said, the volume is fully an average

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cases, can leave no doubt in the mind as to their nature ; and it is

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foreign body in causing the numerous abscesses ; but that its pre-

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some influence other than the direct effect of the new

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ignorant of the ratio borne by the non-crystallizable urinary

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of the most dreaded sequelae of any disease. Likewise the great

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ric malarial fever in Alabama — the intermittent, the remittent

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Then gradually add 9 mils of boiling water, and boil the mixture,

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A few years ago Striimpell' suggested that the lesion

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Out of 2593 persons examined between 1833 and 1858, there were 946 in whom the inner

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be attributed to the increase in the salivary secretion. On the

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Price, to Physicians, 50 cents each, or $500 per dozen.

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The one is grave and dressed in black, with him a smile is

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instead of the chemical ones, as "Alumen " for " Potassio-aluminum

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itralization does not destroy their influence. But it really

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three plus, 5: two plus, 13. None of the four plus cases had ever

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rule, however, the first symptom is the presence of pus in

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The sputum, as is my custom, had been examined several times

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per cent. This can be done by |)ouringoff more of the

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gait. Symptoms indicative of mental derangement have rarely pre-