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A. Histologic examination of the radiated part of the cerebral cortex (Experi-

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joined activity of the two centres suffices to rouse the motor centres for speech.

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rapid pulse, bright red mucous membranes, a clear eye, and

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We direct the attention of our readers especially to Article

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ditions is rather to be explained by the common occurrence of both

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The patient, aged 45, came from the country with a history of

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naud to show that the nervous system had some hand in the

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cases of prostration. They are now giving it hypodermically,

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and Eibbert held that the leucocytes wander out of the vessels and then

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5. Let her avoid all disquietude of mind, anger^ vexation,

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thumb and forefinger, and as she was a tailoress, it was a great

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of the vagus preponderating. The advantage of such a double inner-

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causes an enlargement which does not subside with the removal of

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courtesy which I cannot readily forget. Such interludes

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ulation with acid. The reaction in water was in each case taken

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the anatomical neck. There will, therefore, be a loss of the overhand move-

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condition, and is himself of opinion that the opening in the skull depends

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inability to fix the attention, to follow a continuous train

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and the overwhelming majority of teenage boys do not use

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And even though the digestive tube should be wounded, the

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started TPN, early signs of liver dysfunction developed that

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marked aphasia or paraphasia, only a very slight amount of paraphasia in

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came established as a hypnotic agent. Ethyl-urethan

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race. Within her body exists the matrix or mould in which

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13th, 1853, a committee was appointed to collect materials for a Sanitary Report