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At the middle of the inferior quadrant of the cornea, two millimetres from the limbus, was a linear perforation, and immediately behind it vascular was a similar wound in the iris, about two millimetres long. Always somebody has to do it, however, and, in most cases, to suffer for it, that his namenda successors may have an opportunity to push onward in the march of science. I may be pardoned for citing an instance of the value of continuous attention (drug). In my notes taken before I decided upon this name, cost I employed various terms in describing it, using such expressions as" sounds of harsh clicking or rubbing character and high-pitched,"" friction sound,"" rough rubbing, clicking sound,"" brushing sound,""sound resembling the rubbing together of two pieces of velvet,"" scraping sound," and" that peculiar, gentle, rubbing sound." The sound undoubtedly does vary somewhat; during an examination lasting fifteen minutes, it may be scarcely perceptible at one time, while quite loud and distinct at another.