than tlie dog, the animal with which we most frecjuently associate
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that homoeopathic medicines are utterly in- > that this lady has also applied for cards of
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placed and fixed the tottering hand that gripped the
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in ten minutes. During the sleep which followed, the febrile stage occurred
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is otherwise normally attached, and hence version is
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The paper of Dr. Denison, of Colorado, the reading of
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pharynx were generally followed by aural disorders as a result.
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was the seat of the spasm the sound could only be heard by
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"Seshy, the length of a little finger, and terminating in a slender
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color, with pale, homogeneous contents. On adding a solution of
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not plainly drawn ; such are trei)hining, excision of cancers,
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keep the utensils in neat order, and observe economy in her department ;
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dren and others to be affected with this worm, a fact which he attributes
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very real anticipation of the reactions of other people.
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jluorescens liquefacie^is, being the production of the
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and generosity of Mr. George S. Davis, of Detroit, the
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will be amended from time to time and furnished by the Marine-
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with 61 illustrations. Published by W. B. Saunders Co.,
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A New Device for the rurnishinS of AntI- serves as a washer, and the plunger (7) is
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July 28. — There was some pain from noon to three o'clock, and
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physician, if he be not yet the many-sided one of Hippocrates,
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so many other diseases common to man and other animals. Whether
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ures, repeat some of the observations he made and pub-
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utility of different plans of treatment. Let us suppose, for instance,
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(C.) & Rideal (S.) On formaldehyde as an antiseptic.
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throat, asthma, and other conditions to which gout predis-
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until the appearance, in 1820, of Cajol's Dissertation sur la
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substances Sante Arrhenius, however, noted that there might be a
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(ascaris) is formed " by a third act of histogenetic
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missions it appeared that seventy-three applications had
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of the nervous centres as often coexists with fairly good
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this stage of the ojieration hanging ont. The ends of the thread were
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lessening bronchial secretion and expectoration, and in relieving
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such that the deaths of these animals must have been caused by loco.
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thing that has made us shy off from it, The county health officer is
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only a single form of irritation can be transmitted along a
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but relative hypertropln', hypertrophy that has gone