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to Hering. Their movements are effected quickly, and by
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complication in which the diagnosis was made before
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to athletics, poisons such as lead and alcohol, and gout and syphilis are
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occasion coagulates and forms a series of laminae around the perished ovum,
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Walter Cooper Dendy, altogether omitted in tlie very in-
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other factors, such as lifting heavy weights, various
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appears to perish from one as from the other set of
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urine, while the individual becomes increasingly weak, nervous,
an oven at a temperature of from 140° to 160° C. was the best.
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spine, constituted the list of remedies used in this stage of the disease. From thi^
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of the head of the tibia on the femur ; some fluid in the joint
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hood, a chronic discharge from the right ear. He had had several acute
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that this appearance is only destroyed by a very high degree of
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We publish in this number of the Journal a very interesting
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vessels. The author believes that in addition to this function, this arrange-
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expectant plan, that was, the patient was put to bed
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be atrophied with loss of their transverse striae, and yet contain
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We shall now describe some of these indefinite fevers, and also
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line at either extremity, unless perhaps the redness of the extreme
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pecially in affections of gonorrhceal origin. (8) Menstrua-
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the physical process of osmosis. Aids resolution by abstraction of
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remained improved. She is a shoe-operator by trade,
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2. The most snitahle period for operation. — My operations
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the end of inspiration. They may be simulated by rubbing a
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test with the Eberth bacillus, but in which the sera re-
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be due to direct focal irritation at a certain circumscribed point, by
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rather than accumulated earnings are made by one of the
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tea, dressed, and actually went to a meeting in the town,
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by third-party payers (“cherry picking”), and impose