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Prof. Dennis of New York, has I'eported a series of five

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his first method, and at length, as I am informed, he

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study and experiment with the tissues of the body ;

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ate bacon for breakfast. Had no indigestion to-day. Period rather

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teet the efficacy of such early vaccination by repeating the opera-

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with possibly a distinct line of ansesthesia marking the upper boundary of

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blood at a moment when an outburst was taking place.

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of advantage if this Society should assist and hold up the

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Dr. EvAirs has taken the same course as that pursued by Dr.

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(heir course by pretending great solicitude for the public welfare ; the

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cles than the left vagus. The experiment is not conclusive, as there was but

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hydrophobia on record differed very materially in the symptoms by

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utes. The heart generally beats vigorously from the first. At the

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circle, colliding with nearly everything in the room ; or, if in bed, may be

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cord. Tetanus is usually traumatic and may follow the most trivial

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ticularly after the month of June. In August the disease is record-

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degree of agglutination is, however, directly proportional to the rapid-

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of acute anaemia — such as results from pro-

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those of the legs, especially the gastrociiemii, lower part of the hack, and

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from a medical college; and we observe further, that the course of

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this time the culture has passed the summit of its growth, and that the bacteria

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came out illustrating various types of parasites distorted by technique. In

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this is given in pretty strong doses. From her being forced to lie

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throughout life. In a former course of experiments we demonstrated

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vaccine pock; eighty-one inflamed from the first day, and continued

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emphysematous ttu'oughout Air-cells and bronchi healthy ; rather

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whereas. He is still desirous to sign the Constitution and to possess

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women and children. Into all fields and all special-

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in the latter affection pressure on the ends of the spines will produce pain,

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diarrhoea. Dyspnoea, arising from the blood condition and from the

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How far the action of this potent agent is modified by the pecu-

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spaces. These are probably miniature islands of Langerhans. As

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there is aphasia the probabilities are in favor of embolism. If there is

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lieves that in the advanced stages of the latter, anodynes will also

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tissue, and as the ingestion of spirits is constant, the nerves progressively

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destroyed by the material ; and he thinks its inroads on the Malpighian