and (/3) vascular maculae, which are probably the first stage of the pro-
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A Review of 127 Clinical Cases of .\taxic Paraplegia. By
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of a tuning-fork in contact with the vertex at the middle line Is perceived
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curettes for excision of tuberculous infiltrations. So far as
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surgeons of the Surgical Section at the Academy, left
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Candidates are required to have passed an Examination in
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taking it off, his stocking was soaked with blood, which had come from a
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an excellent compendium of the important and responsible duties of the Army
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disappearance. The same may be said of the other local lesions
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new attack. The most constant symptom between attacks is a subacute fonn
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milder cases than those above mentioned, I sometimes substituted a mild
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simulating ectopic pregnancy.] Protok. i trudi fiz.-med.
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catalytic activity .of the blood as a clinical diagnostic method 624
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and,^ \ <. , „. . . 'incompatible with ihe Uhnrai ™+:™„ „f *i.„
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right hand and fingers, which soon extended up the arm. The
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their relationship with patients, with colleagues, and
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saw her again late in the afternoon (Friday) ; she had been given opium
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which it has been regarded as a modified variety. This view is still
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odor, in chronic constipation a fecal odor is perceived, and even the
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are two such cases upon record. Certainly there was
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man, aet. 45, and was admitted into Charing Cross Hospital,
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read with that intense interest which a few years since it was sure to re-
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York : William Wood & Co . 1881 . Cloth . Pages
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are absolutely diagnostic of an extra-capsular fracture of the
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first white, but soon becomes covered by a darkish-
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attacks, see the clinical histories and the charts appended in a pre-
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a table showing the residue percentages of common foods; (2)
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myelogenetic areas in the brain of the human foetus and newly-born
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and is brought into apposition with the lower end of the upper
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L. - of cases where life was ultimately lost through too great