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geons may be congratulated, not only on having had the op-

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them to be unequivocally parasitic. On the other hand,

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to the detriment of the profession. For example, leaving

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together with a titular promotion, the distinction of whicli

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those who are interested to the excellent analysis of the work

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work the time-hallowed word, quarantine, loses its literal sig-

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Poland.— On January 20th, at 4, St. Thomas's Street, London Bridge,

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wiXh the rate recorded in London. The 4,392 deaths registered during

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titioners, for the unchecked issue of such reprehensible circulars aind

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MORPETH DISPENSARY'. — House-Surgeon; unmarried. Salary. £120

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of times. An example of tlie effect produced is given in

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with the notice. The first post on Thursday mornings is the latest by which

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the daughters-in-law remarked one time that those were the “layingest chickens

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ment at Ulundi (mentioned in despatches, promoted Surgeon-Major,

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been retained over the heart for three days and a-half. Two days aftei*

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Mayor; Sir Andrew Reed, C.B. ; Sir David Harrell, C.B.,

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diutn ovifovme was recognised so long ago as the year 1839 by

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of her Honorary Surgeons, ISJO; Principal Medical Officer in charge of

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no other added symptom, gradually extended to the muscles

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paupers, and that all they can expect is that they should

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Medical Association. If it be fully verified it may claim to

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affected animals exhibit. It is most fatal in young rabbits ;

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back again. " Dr." Hilton, on receiving this note was taken seriously ill

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determined. 'The Sologne horses have so much improved,

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Hall of the Glasgow University on Saturday, January 28th,

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compare the several scattered paragraphs on similar subjects,

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not a word other than of praise of the subordinate or uncovenanted,

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the science, the principles, and the facts of medi-

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D. Stanistreet. Fleet-Surgeon to the Cape of Good Hope Hospital ;

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terrible indictments against vaccination ever published." I

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W. S. P., aged 27, was admitted on October 1st, 1892,

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W.WiJ-so.>f, Printer, 07,Skiuncr-Strtet, Loudoii.

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scribed, and this difl'erence was especially remarkable when

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ligature. These had been approximated and drawn forward in the cica

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