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and morphine and strychnine injected hypodermically if necessary.
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Hematologic Depression of white blood cells (especially granulo-
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Fig. 108. — Arsenic poisoning. A comparatively dustless bolter. Respira-
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proportions, and invariably represent a uniform amount of theraj>eutic power.
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already known in human medicine. Is this case the first ob-
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arranged under articulations in general, followed by those of the trunk and head, upper limb,
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One of the most striking and not uncommon of warning symptoms is tem-
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These cases are not cured, but they often progress slowly,
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Prof. Luciani's " summing up " may be quoted. He says : " Without
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accelerating proteolysis so that the dead tissue disappears from the
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pound. In communities where the farmers are not disposed to pull
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Hippocrates wrote — " Whoever wishes to study the healing art
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ment of arthropathies following fractures. The two last chapters are
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causes localized destruction of the lime salts, and later cavity for-
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the porous surface of the body, which after a while debilitates it and pro-
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suppuration. Then there is the pustular form, which is more severe
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we must frequently be under the necessity of having
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mucous membrane of the mouth, both in the natural and inocu-
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which reference has already been made, says that salicylic acid
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corresponding parts of the lungs. To compensate for this disproportion, the lung
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botulism can be made even before the laboratory confirms
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his successors have worked hard for the attainment of
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It is impossible to see how any one can affirm the above to be
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servation under a magnifying lens will show what the substance