patient halts, both legs having become fixed ; after a time they relax and

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brace those various impairments of the system in which the normal func-

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symptoms pass off. When more severe, coma supervenes and may prove

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sometimes an index to conditions associated with pain, and at other times

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rence, the facts that they are more chronic in development- that

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ing segments. Four suckers and a projecting circle of twenty -six long

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mation of the diverticula may take place at such a point in the

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rence of sudden artificial menopause. Other authors assert that

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the pulmonary valve one, two, or more are most commonly seen. A de-

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audible. In well-marked instances of emphysema inspiration and

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care, such as can be furnished by special hospitals for consumption in a

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!^tiology. — Thyroiditis is seldom primary in origin. It may be

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coming slow within a brief period. The patient rapidly emaciates, and

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may be safely inferred when certain enteric symptoms are combined with

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tive), leukorrhea, and an aggravated climacteric are seen in obese women

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Enteralgia is symptomatic of many local affections and conditions

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divided. up into its component parts. As these parts had been

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of the patients to walk until the very last stages of the disease, so that

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manner. Thanks to the liberality of Mrs. Robert Dawson Evans,

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may be associated with distinct enlargement of the veins. Even during

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num ; those of the transverse arch, over the upper part of the sternum

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hundred or more may be recorded and the excess of nervous power is

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borborygmi, and the wandering pain in the absence of all other phe-

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at the periphery of the lung operation should be carefully considered.

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There are instances of jaundice in which active hemolysis is an ele-

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made from phthisis and a pleural effusion. Their location at the base of

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Having discovered the underlying cause of the headache one should

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book will attain a well-deserved popularity among our students." — Chicago Medical Recorder.

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being dragged along the ground for short steps, the body swaying or mak-

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minates life speedily. The latter accident occurs not infrequently in