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lapse of two thousand years, we come back to the practice of the

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supposition that they may have more or less to do with the existence of

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struction, and combination of the drug by the living organism. But this review

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before us, we may be sure we are on the right course."

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was found in on the day of operation. I would make it a gen-

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The first change consists in hypersemia — a vivid injection of the mu-

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affirms that it is not infrequently the result of occlusion of numer-

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The apparatus may be obtained from M. Scharer, A. G., Bern. It costs 65 francs.

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beating people with sticks ; laboiu: easy. The child imaffected ; took

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ble amount of hemoglobin is so small that only the most complete aera-

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large branches passing through it, and which forms a por-

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lymphatic or myeloid series. Later on, if the disease pursues its course

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realize the vital necessity of early recognition and treat-

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morphine in this drug, as put up by the pharmacist, was light, om*-

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be evident. Hip-joint disease and inflamed glands in the groin

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Heisterian valve which retards progress. Gall-stone colic, therefore,

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ach from external violence, clinically considered, can be

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another. "When the spinal cord is affected with this disease it may pro-

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few physicians troubled themselves to investigate on what grounds

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ment, but by references to well known anatomidkl, physiological and pathological facte, and

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8. Israel, W. D., Decisions! Decisions! Alabama Family Physi-

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Johann Hermann Baas, in his " History of Medicine," char-

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The operation is further indicated to overcome the secondary

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he was ten months of age. He did not talk until he was seven years old,

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made, whilst if he stands in front, the extremity of the saw

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The new urethrotome is composed of five easily detach-

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relieve Lieut.-Col. C. C. Byrne, deputy surgeon-general, U.