of the pure fixed Alkalis, and limewater in several Complaints." Vol. II. page 132.
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exposure to infection, as in some of the cases reported by Kutter, Manchot,
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Thirdly, it enables quinine treatment to be suspended when this is of little
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a result of perforation peritonitis. It appears obvious that no reversal of
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does not appear to have been found in chronic malaria. The reaction
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P-wa\'es changed suddenly to a downwardly directed wave. A
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topic tumours of the choroid plexus.] Beitr. z. path. Anat. u. z. allg. Path.,
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who does not walk ; there is neither ecchymosis, nor crepitus, nor abnormal
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of the heart. The same could be produced by compressing the
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Stahl, R. Untersuchungen des Blutes, speziell der Thrombocyten, bei Pur-
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on March 18, 7240; and on March 27, 8550. Patient reentered hos-
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duct, but as there had been some bile in the stools the duct was simply
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cerebrospinal fluid, but it was found that the severest cases gave the highest
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had received only the sensitizing doses of this substance. In
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off at its insertion in the cart body ; and it was carried with
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as unsuitable for children anyhow, being unlikely to produce a good mobile
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wock, practically always in the «'arly morning hours. The blood-prcssun* rose to
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success. It appeared that the conditions of sweating, &c, were not quite
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active thyroid no symptoms develop from daily administration of quinine
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In all cases there has been a temperature reaction following the
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deceased patients and in those still living is shown in Table
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ment by pyloroplasty, followed eighteen days later by posterior gastro-
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hand, this amount of fluid, in the absence of consolidation, may be made out
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32 Dr North on the Dislocation of the Elbow Joint, [Jan.
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media. (3) In experimental conditions failures in obtaining a production
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Chart I (6). — Drops in blood-pressure of more than 30 mm. after injection
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case frequently. In some one or more of the recent foreign
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in February, 144 in March, and 44 in April. 118 deaths were certified —
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nosed. For the investigation of pericarditis in patients with hyper-
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Cosine Law, he found that the fraction of the whole downward radiation
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tendency of nature in our Illness, by Mercurials, and gentle
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immersion of the muscle in slightly acid Ringer solution. The fatigue
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hesions of the right pleura with thickening up to 1 cm. in hard fibroid
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The assertion of Zwaardemaker that the potassium in the body fluids
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that one would not only not fail to be struck with the coinci-
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employed between the eighth and tenth day, apart from any other treatment
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his typhoid cases. The onset of pulmonary symptoms in a case of enteric
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case in which pain in the sacrum was a marked feature. Pains
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apparently established convalescence the attention will be drawn
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