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twelfth day, usually between the third and the sixth, and last from two

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The latter had been anxious, he might say for years, to im-

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glands palpable in the neck, axillae and groins, tenderness and pain in

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tunately for the profession, such emergency care is only

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when brought to the base were always treated under the

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after her confinement of three children at one birth;

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dition : Poorly developed, mentally somewhat apathetic, speech slow,

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acknowledgments. After a few more observations from different

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general hygiene would predispose to the development of

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in human blood, when one was seen seven minutes after the blood was

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severity of pain. Tenderness is felt when the cervical ganglia — upper

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this case had also been into the right broad ligament. The mass was very care-

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labor, estimating that this will be covered by the value of the manure

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by the fact that the metallic wire in contact with the living tissues remains

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elapsed between the time at which infection was pre-

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and the gi'ound around unswept and unpaved, will involve no

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We should not omit to state that, although by far the largest

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life, and certainly would save a vast amount of iiuman suffering. In the

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uterus. Each innominate bone consisted originally of the three

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be stated, however, as a general fact that hemoptysis in tu-

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Names in boldface type signify Medical Society of Virginia Members.

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ing the records of 20 cases at Queen Charlotte's Hospital, their conclusions

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ished in the right leg and arm; it was much impaired in the

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cians and surgeons. First, graduates from medical colleges

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and the substance is practically olfull strength. In its appli-

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diphtheria antitoxin, which was in 1891, as per report in the Berlin

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1899-1900, iv, 179. . The general characteristics of ray