(ii.) Foot-rolling can be given actively or passively, the latter being preferred.

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was 2077. The number of children born before the full period of ges-

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well, and there is not a trace which would lead any one to fear a regen-

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generally due to narrowing of the trachea by unilateral or bilateral

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Anatomical instruction and private dissection will form a prominent part in the study ofths pupfla*

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several occasions caused death. Usually the dangerous symptoms, which

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cartilage. The most typical examples occur in long bones, and especially

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the proper operation to be performed is thyroidectomy. It is undesirable

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was corroborated by the gall-bladder being found empty, and by two

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C. Heaving means (1) the lifting of the body by means of the arms ; (2) the

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the imperfection and small extent of the respiration easily account lor

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A disproportioi)ate diminished frequency of the respiration, which in-

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the region of the face there is no trace of eyes, nose, or mouth ; the mon-

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In the treatment of typhoid pneumonitis I consider this remedy a

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afterwards got rid of. It is chiefly excreted by the kidneys and skin.

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Heart and Pericardium. — The heart is rarely affected by tuberculosis.

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is, you know, a distinguished naturalist and comparative anatomist. His

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it is very probable that many valuable observations upon the subject

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have the specific effect of producing gangrene of the dental pulp. This microbe

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who have been vaccinated within the last few years have varioloid, than

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are simultaneously attacked with peculiar symptoms, there is ground for

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the system, either by inhalation of its vapour or by swallowing the poison

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represented to have been rather a gradual operation, but fatally brought

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far back on the dorsum of the tongue ; it is painless at first, but it soon

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strong beer containing the Cocculus Indicus and other narcotic ingre- '

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of a certain quantity of serum, or of pus, adhesion, and tubercles. I

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hazy, and after a time the other eye becomes affected in a similar manner.

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Briefly, the " picture " of a spreading broncho-pneumonic tuberculosis —

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Treatment of Tinnitus Aurium. — It has been shown that in most cases

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the blood (p, 282), it is believed, has never been distinctly treated of by

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aoce, because they would understand, by the character of their own

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it has usually disappeared by the time the secondary symptoms have

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the highest praise to bis preparation. They are neatly put up in oval paper boxes, contaiaiacturty-

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Thus it advaoced for two or three weeks ; presenting a most perplexing

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lymphs which do not prove resistent to these adverse conditions are

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and palpitation, while in some cases it is not noticed until after the

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Philadelphia in the person of a little girl, who died in about a fortnight

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